Recommended : Leather Industries,Automobiles,Painting,Welding,Engraving,CNC and etc

Note: Controller, stepper Motor, driver and power supply is Included. Customized Solution will be provided based on requirements

4 Axis Scara Arm Robot

Rotation range
Arm rotation 360 °
Arm rotation 0 ° ~ 290 °
Wrist rotation 360 ° +
Arm long arm: 200mm
Small arm: 150mm
Z-axis lift 0 ~ 150mm 

Material The main sheet: PVC Rigid plastic / Metal Sheet
Weight of full set of arms: 7.5kg

The outer dimension is 500mm long * 180mm wide * 350mm high

42 stepper motor parameters:
Model: 42BYGH47-401A two hybrid stepping motor
Maximum drive current: 1.5A
Driving voltage: 2
Number of leads: 4
Step angle: 1.8 degrees

Surface temperature: 80 ℃ MAX (rated current)
Maximum static moment: 0.55N.M Phase resistance: 1.6Ω
Red, blue as a group, black and green as a group