Robotics and Industrial Automation for Mechanical Engineers:


A complete in-depth knowledge together with fundamentals is delivered in our premises to the Mechanical Engineers. Looking at the large demand for good engineers our objective is to make sure that the engineers are able to design Automation and Industrial Robotic products and apply them in real world.


Diploma/B.E / B.Tech / M.E / M.Tech (Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile/Instrumentation/Mechatronics disciplines)

PhD. students of Mechanical and related streams

Job Seekers and Industry Professionals

 Introduction to Mechanical Concepts:



Linear Shaft


Ball Screws



Arduino board layout and MCU based design

Machines Design Concepts and Programming

Open loop and Closed Loop:

  1. a)  Stepper Motor:  Stepper Motor Driver and Stepper Motor Programming
  2. b)  Servo Motor Programming: PWM Concepts and Coding and Testing

Machine Design:  Project 1

Design of XY Plotter

Design of Engraving Machine


Robotic ARM:  Project 2


Pick and Place Job using Vacuum Gripper


Accelerometer and Gyro programming

I2C Programming, Getting the Reading from Accelerometer and Gyro, PID Control

 Quadro-copter design: Project 3

            Autonomous Drone

Take away Kits:

Arduino + Servo Controller + 10 Hours of 3d print service to create your own model