IoT, Gadget design and Advanced Robotic Programming using Python (Raspberry PI)

Topics Covered: Linux, GCC Programming, Raspberry PI, Python, Gadget design, IoT, Robotics and Alexa voice assistant.

Duration: 54 Hours

Flexible Timings: In Weekdays(Monday to Friday): 5 pm to 8 pm . Weekends: Saturday- 11 am to 8 pm; Sunday – 10 am to 4 pm

Students can choose their convenient timings.

What is the course is about?

The course is about latest technologies used in Gadget making, Robotics and iot.  This training organising for students/people who is serious about exploring each and everything in technology.

From the training you will learn how to make gadgets like digital camera, mp3 player and high end robot which can speak, listen, and connect to internet through IoT, home automation, surveillance and endless applications.

It helps you to make projects on your own.

Why should you attend training at EPRLABs ?

We are a 9 years old Embedded product development company.

All of our trainings and workshops will be conducted in latest tools and equipments that are manufactured by our team.

Training sessions will be handled by industry people involved in making robots and real time embedded products.


B.E / B.Tech / M.E / M.Tech (Electronics/Electrical/CSE/IT/Instrumentation/Mechatronics disciplines)

PhD. students of Science & Engineering streams

Job Seekers and Industry Professionals

Level 1 – Understand Linux and Raspberry PI 

Introduction to Linux Operating System

Linux based Board analysis – Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and Beagle Bone

Overview of Raspberry Pi

Pin details of Raspberry Pi

Making Boot file

Understanding Make file and Script file concepts

Programming Environment – GCC and Nano Editor

Programming  the first code!

Level 2 – GCC Programming in Raspberry PI

C Programming Syntax

Dealing with Audio and Video

Handling Ports

Sample Project:

Designing voice based Human Alert System

Level 3 –  Python Programming in Raspberry PI

Python Programming Syntax Conditional

loops and data types in Python

Dealing with Ports Protocol Programming

Sample Project

Designing SMS Management System using Raspberry PI

Level 4 – Understanding Hardware

Designing Add on Card for Raspberry

What is ADC, PWM and Level Convertors?

Programming the Hardware using python or C

Level 5 – MP3 Design using Raspberry PI 

Understanding Amplifier Concepts

Understanding packages

Interfacing switches thro I2C

Writing code to control the playlist

Level 6 – Digital Camera Design using Raspberry PI

Requirement study and specification

Saving image options like pixel, timestamp details

Designing camera options and modes switches

Zoom in/out, black and white and sepia modes

File storage

Coding altogether through C and Python.

Level 7 – IoT Design using Raspberry PI

Web-server overview

Creating HTML Page

Connecting Raspberry GPIO to Web interface

Writing the Code in C or Python

Making everything work.

Level 8 – Designing High End Robots based on Raspberry PI

Designing a Robot like Chitti

Making the Robot to see

Making the Robot to listen

Making the Robot to Speak

Servo Motor Control and Programming

I2C Protocol Programming using Raspberry PI

Training the Robot with AI(Alexa Voice Assistant, Google Voice Assistant) into it.

Make the Robot to do addition tasks!

Level 9 – Queries, Competition and Internship Opportunity 

Total Fees:

Fee for the program is INR 14999/- (inclusive of take away kits and all taxes) per student.  Special offer only for first 30 registrations.

Registration fee is 1999 INR. Remaining fee will be collected at Day 1 Training.

Special discounts available for students. 

For more information: Contact: / 9500038086

Take away Kits for all participants  EPRLABs PI-BOT Board

Features of out take away kits: 
Digital MEMS MIC

Audio Driver

Motor Driver

Servo Driver

Co-processor Interface

20 PIN – Programming Interface for Making Gadgets/Robots


Participants will be certified after successful completion of training. Certificates authorized by MSME.


EPRLABs Kodambakkam, 14,2nd Street Andavar Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Note: *  Course will be paused during semester exams and resume after the exams


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