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Ad Blocker with Pi Zero

Here’s the quick-start for people with some experience: Download the latest ‘Lite’ Raspbian to your computer Burn the Lite Raspbian to your micro SD card using your computer Re-plug the SD card into your computer (don’t use your Pi yet!) and set up your wifi connection by editing supplicant.conf Activate SSH support Plug the SD […]


Some basic guides to configuring your Raspberry Pi. raspi-config The Raspberry Pi configuration tool in Raspbian, allowing you to easily enable features such as the camera, and to change your specific settings such as keyboard layout. config.txt The Raspberry Pi configuration file. Wireless Configuring your Pi to connect to a wireless network using the Raspberry […]


Raspbian is the recommended operating system for normal use on a Raspberry Pi. Raspbian is a free operating system based on Debian, optimised for the Raspberry Pi hardware. Raspbian comes with over 35,000 packages: precompiled software bundled in a nice format for easy installation on your Raspberry Pi. Installing Raspbian Installing software in Raspbian Updating/Upgrading […]