Advanced Embedded Systems Training (Timer, Hardware PWM, SPI, I2C, Jtag Debugging)

Advanced Product Development Training using Embedded System and Electronics – AnHands on practical research with electronic components and technologies which will make you to implement your innovative thoughts on your own.

Topics Covered: Hardware design(Circuit and Soldering) and MCU Architecture,UART,Timer,Hardware PWM, I2C and SPI, JTAG Debugging


AVR  Micro controller board with Jtag

USB Programmer

USB Cable

12 V Adapter


Introduction to Product design

Hardware design – AVR

Software design – Assembly language and Embedded C language

Industrial recommended concept will be covered in the syllabus as well


LED connection details, Programming, Soldering basics

Buzzer, Source mode & Sink mode etc

Switch, designing the best switch, Resistor Selection, Configuring the port as input

Display – Seven Segment display, Cascading seven segment display & LCD

Drawbacks of Switch, Keypads introduction and keypad de-bouncing

Sensors, Detailed introduction, Drawbacks of connecting the sensor directly

-Mini Project

Motors, Introduction to Drivers and Transistors

LCD Display

ADC solution to Sensors for Accuracy, Application of ADC



Hardware PWM

Protocol Programming – I2C and SPI

I2C Protocol, Implementing it in AVR MCU, Debugging and Testing.

SPI Protocol, Implementing it in AVR MCU, Debugging and Testing.

Designing a Complex Systems

JTAG Programming and Debugging

JTAG Programming

Watch Registers

Setting Breakpoint and single step debugging

Adding Debugging skills in Resume

JTAG Debugging is an important program which will not be taught by other training institutes.  With this debugging skills, one can apply lot of job openings.

Interrupt-Interrupt Service Routine or Interrupt Handler

Programming Languages – Assembly, Embedded C

Software & IDEs – UMPS, Keil uVision, EPR Serial Debugger


Guidelines behind buying board design, Modules, Equipment etc

Mini Projects ideas for early bird robotic lovers

  • Wheeled Robot ——————– BASIC GPIO ACCESS
  • Line Follower Robot ————– BASIC GPIO ACCESS
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot ——- BAISC GPIO ACCESS
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot —– UART
  • Bipedal Robot    —————— Hardware PWM
  • Automatic Fire Sensing Robot — ADC
  • Pick and Place Robot ———— ULTRASONIC
  • Auto-balancing ——————- I2C
  • Memory Card Interface ——— SPI
  • Robotic Arm
  • Cartesian Robot

and much more

Total Fees:

Fee for the program is INR 14999/- (inclusive of take away kits and all taxes) per student.

Registration fee is 999 INR. Remaining fee will be collected at Day 1 Training. 

Totally 50 seats allotted for this program

Payment once done will be non-refundable.


Participants will be provided certified by EPRLABs

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PIC Training 5000/- Along with the PIC Board + Programmer (Duration 1 week)

ARM Training 7000/- Along with ARM Board (Duration 2 weeks)

For more details: | 95000 38086/85,  9486806486 | Kodambakkam


Note: *  Course will be paused during semester exams and resume after the exams


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