Advanced Embedded Linux and Device Driver Programming for Professionals and Job Seekers

Topics Covered: Hardware design, Arduino and MCU Architecture, I2C and SPI, JTAG, Linux Architecture, GCC and Python programming, IoT and Device Driver Programming in Linux OS.

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Duration: 54 Hours

Flexible Timings: In Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 5 pm to 8 pm . Weekends: Saturday- 11 am to 8 pm; Sunday – 10 am to 4 pm

People can choose their convenient timings.


Why should you attend training at EPRLABs ?

We are a 9 years old Embedded product development company.

All of our trainings and workshops will be conducted in latest tools and equipments that are manufactured by our team.

Training sessions will be handled by industry people involved in making robots and real time embedded products.



Job Seekers, Industry Professionals, Lecturers and Professors.

Day 1 class is free of cost. Only if you satisfied in our training, you can make payment and continue classes.


Level 1:   Basic Electronics and Hardware Design     

Circuit Design Concepts, interfacing with MCU, Role of Resistor, Capacitors, Transistors

and Inductors.

Board Bring up process, Testing process and Debugging Techniques.

Level 2:    Arduino and MCU Architecture Programming using Embedded C

Arduino Board Layout, Input and Output Programming, Digital and Analog Sensors, PWM, Interrupt, Timer and UART Programming.

Mini Projects:  Joy stick Programming, Keypad Programming, Digital Clock and UART Programming.


Level 3:   Projects using MCU

Designing Digital and Analog Circuits, Reading Temperature from Calibrated Temperature Sensor.

Projects:  Temperature Measurement for Air conditioner and Induction stove.


Level 4:   Protocol Programming – I2C and SPI

I2C Protocol, Implementing it in AVR MCU, Debugging and Testing.

SPI Protocol, Implementing it in AVR MCU, Debugging and Testing.

Designing a Complex Systems

Creating a Resume for Firmware Professional



Level 5:   JTAG Programming and Debugging

JTAG Programming

Watch Registers

Setting Breakpoint and single step debugging

Adding Debugging skills in Resume

JTAG Debugging is an important program which will not be taught by other training institutes.  With this debugging skills, one can apply lot of job openings.


Level 6:   Linux Architecture

 Shell Programming, Make file programming, Folder structure, Configuring Network and WIFI, Installing Camera driver, Configuring Sound card for Speaker and MIC, Pipelining to kill tasks and monitoring background tasks. Debugging Linux Kernel thro profiler, Syntax for Shell scripts, writing simple scripting applications.


Level 7:   GCC Programming and Python Programming

 Understand GPIO in Raspberry – BCM and Board Layout

Wiring PI

GCC Programming and Python Programming Syntax

LED, Buzzer and Switch programming using GCC and Python Programming

Accessing other application from Python and C.


Level 8:   Device Driver Programming in Linux OS

Understand Device drivers, Using Make Files, Accessing OEM Drivers, Working in User and Kernel Space, Creating Client Drivers and Creating Application file to access device drivers. Installing device driver and testing it.


Level 9:   IoT Programming in Linux Environment

Web-server overview, Creating HTML Page, Connecting Raspberry GPIO to Web interface, writing the Code in C or Python; Controlling Light and other appliances thro IoT.



Total Fees:

Fee for the program is INR 15000/-.  Special offer only for first 30 registrations. After 30 registrations, fee is 25000/-

Registration fee is 1999 INR. Remaining fee will be collected after joining.

For more information: Contact: / 9500038086

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Participants will be certified after successful completion of training. Certificates authorized by MSME.



EPRLABs Kodambakkam, 14,2nd Street Andavar Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Industry Job Opening Details: 

After this successful training, you will be highly skilled and eligible to apply for the below industrial jobs.

Jtag Debugging

Embedded Linux



Linux Driver



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