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8 days ago
LCD Interface with PIC16f877a & ASM Programming Description: A 16x2 LCD is interfaced by connecting the data pins to PORTB and the control pins are connected to RD0:RD2. Simple ASM code to display 'EPRLABS' is given below. Source Code: LIST P=16F877A#INCLUDE P16F877A.INC__CONFIG 0X72DAT EQU PORT…
18 days ago
LED Interface to PIC16F877A & ASM programming Description: LEDs are connected to PORTB in sink mode and hence if we program the PORT pins to logic low the LED turns ON & in logic high it turns OFF.  Source Code: #INCLUDE p16f877a.incLIST P=16F877A__config 0xff72COUNT1 EQU 0X30COUNT2 EQU 0X…
18 days ago
Circuit Diagram: Parts Required: AT89S52 Red LED – 8 No’s 330 ohms – 8 No’s How it works?                 Leds are connected to PORT2 in sink mode (ie Leds uses the external power source). So when PORT2 goes low, Led glows. Source code: 1. Alternating LEDs //leds are connected to PORT2#include <…
20 days ago
Index: HardwareAbout the Controller Pin Diagram Kit Schematic Master Board CD Contents SoftwareInstallation of USB Dongle driver and Eprlabs Debugger Installation of Keil uVision3 Software Working with Keil uVision3 and Eprlabs DebuggerHow to create a uVision Project Creating a .hex file Flashing th…
20 days ago
20 days ago
20 days ago
Password Protector Using I2C Parts needed: 8051 Microcontrolller LCD I2C EPROM Source Code: //PORT3-keypad;PORT0-lcd data pins;PORT1-lcd control pins;PORT2-EEPROM#include <REGX51.H>#include<intrins.h>sbit sda=P2^0;sbit scl=P2^1;void string(unsigned char *str);void readbata();v…
29 days ago
Digital clock with LCD  Source Code: //LCD data pins are connected to PORT0 and Control pins are connected to P1#include <REGX51.H>sbit cd=P1^0;sbit rw=P1^1;sbit en=P1^2;void newdelay();void delay();void time2();void bata(unsigned int bb);void cmd(unsigned int cc);void string(unsigned char *…
29 days ago
Controller used in the kit: Atmel At89s52  8051 based Full Static CMOS controller with Three-Level Program  Memory Lock, 32 I/O lines, 3 Timers/Counters  8 Interrupts Sources, Watchdog Timer, 2…
29 days ago
Product Name : Motor G – The next gen water level Controller         Purpose :   This controls the water  pump automatically.        USP :    The guards the motor against high voltage(Winding Protecti…
44 days ago

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