Electronics Platform Research Labs



EPRLABs started its operation in 2009 providing wide range of user friendly development boards and programmers for students and professionals.

At 2010 We started training divisions in Chennai.

At 2014 we became reputed service provider for LED Displays, IOT and Automation products for leading industries in Chennai and Bangalore.

At 2016 We made the first commercial Robotic Personal Computer in India We are now in the process of promoting Robotic Courses across all schools in Chennai/Hydrabad/Vizag.

We have tie up with Decent number of Engineering colleges and Core Companies.


Core Company

EPRLABs is a core company, we worked with many core companies. We know what the core industry expects from Engineer students, based on their requirements we framed the courses.

Designed for Core Companies

We designed courses suitable Product Development Training for Electronics students,Humanoid Design for Mechanical students and System Programming using Linux for Computer/IT students.

Placement opportunity

Most of the students will get placed in on-Campus placements after attending our training program, if at all colleges don’t have such opportunity we assist and support students till they get placed.





Sathish Kumar G

Trained Engineer, RMK Engineering College,EEE

Before joining in epr we did not know about electronics. Difficult to study theory without understanding after entering into eprlabs. I came to know lot about electronics and i do practical. It help to improve my knowledge. It is more useful while entering in core. They taught additional information than what i required.

Thamaraimannan C P

Trained Engineer, RMK enginnering college,EEE

As I am a eee student i was always interested in electronics (more than electrical ) but I could not fulfill my want only with the education i received from college.one day eprlabs did a orientation class in our college.I joined eprlabs post orientation on 10thmarch 2013. For past one year i am an epriian. I have done a number of projects and also have added number of ideas. People may think this lab as a project centre but it is absolutely 100% research lab. The name is electronics platform research labs. gaining knowledge is the only objective in EPRLABs.

Santhosh Kumar M

Trained Engineer, Vemana Institute of Technology,Bangalore

Before joining : I had no idea about practical circuits and i was not confident about doing any projects by own and I did not know about any electronic circuits and how to use those circuits and I also didn’t know properly about coding. After joining : I learnt about practical application how to use and how to write the coding and I got the confidence about doing the project. It was very useful.

Sathish Kumar P.M

Trained Engineers, Sri Sastha Institute of Engineering & Technology

I’m a type of student who hates theories to the core and loves the practical the same way. I must say EPR Labs is a kind of thing I was searching for and the type of thing I was hungry for to be more precise. I felt I have found the place where I belong and the way of learning things I wanted to. I take this opportunity to tell you that you have equipped me well with practical knowledge that I have always wanted for myself. And you should know this type of training really made me to like engineering at the college level and it helped me take in the boring theories as I was satisfied with the practical part here.

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