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Rs 500/- Fee Discount by referring your Juniors !!!
7 days ago
Master Board for Professionals available in EPRLABs
12 days ago
First Class Starts on 21-02-2015 at 11:00 am in Kodambakkam Branch for SRM college Students.Today is last date for registration.
12 days ago
LUMI- Rf Based Robo For Symposium in SKR College
12 days ago
7 days ago
14 days ago
16 days ago
18 days ago
Op-Amp IC’s – Pin Configuration, Features & Working   1. IC 741 The most commonly used op-amp is IC741. The 741 op-amp is a voltage amplifier, it inverts the input voltage at the output, can be found almost everywhere in electronic circuits. Pin Configuration: Let’s see the pin configuration …
20 days ago
Lumi s derived from d french word "Lumiere" means light. And universally lum is d unit of light intensity. we used this robo to share our token of love to the chief guest and to hand over our souveiner to release
25 days ago
This is the project done by students for eprlabs doing graudation at SKR college for symposium function; we could see the live at 06/02/15 at symposium being held at SKR college, Chennai.
26 days ago
This program is a simple demonstration for transmitting some character in UART to test the microcontroller working. This programming will keep sending the letter 'A'.   org 0x00    acall mainorg 0x03    acall extint0org 0x0b    acall timer0org 0x13    acall extint1org 0x1b    acall timer1org 0x23   …
36 days ago
Internet of things is the happening technology at present. Most of the core company are attempting to make a prototype in it. We even keen to make something in it. We request students to added free seminar in Feb 14th at Ambattur Branch to get some idea of what it is, and start working on it.
37 days ago
Index: HardwareAbout the Controller Pin Diagram Kit  Schematic Master Board CD Contents SoftwareInstallation of USB Dongle driver Installation of AVR Studio 4 Software Working with AVR Studio 4How to create a Project Creating a .hex file Flashing the .hex file to the controller Hardware: About …
44 days ago
The trainers are board designers    –  You get 100 knowledgeWe manufacture and sell our own kits –    -  Best place to buy kits                          The only training institute which give kits to home asks you to practice it    –  More than the concept warraty/guareenteeYou will win lot of compe…
48 days ago
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56 days ago
56 days ago
Students who do projects on their own should post your progress(updated) in this blog, they get support through this. Support we give will be recorded it could be easy for others who do similar projects.
58 days ago
59 days ago
61 days ago

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