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I am a Computer

Chottu Robo is a 45-cm tall humanoid robot. He is small, cute and round. You can’t help but love him! CHOTTU is intended to be a friendly companion around the house

I am a Controller

Product Development Training – This course is only for third year B.E students

I am a Sales Rep

Online retail robotics store which sells electronics, mechanical in spares as well as in assembled version

We encourage engineering students to make some stuffs through our online tutorials and sell it through our channel



Electronics Platform Research Labs
Open Source Hardware platform specially designed for Electronics objects, Gadgets and Robots

EPRLABs stared and operation in 2009 providing wide range of user friendly development boards round the globe for trainers,students and engineers.

EPRLABs at 2013 decided to do commercial automation products which could be useful for people in India.

EPRLABs at 2014 ventured into robotics and IOT merging both the advanced technology to reach wide range of audience round the globe.

EPRLABs always believe the new technologies should reach students so that innovative technology can be more creative and can be made at a much less engineering cost.

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Purushothaman R
CEO & Founder EPRLABs
Kishore Varma
Marketing Head
Karthikeyan T
Web Designer & Developer


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We provide a place for self learning and we encourage students to post there material for others who search for content

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