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This is the second project done in EPRLABs Kodambakkam branch done by JPR Engineering students. Which is totally built with Aluminium  Frame and 24 High torque motors. This is powered by 720 AH, 12V Lead Acid Battery, driven by 20 Power banks supported by LM7805 regulators. This is done by Simple 80…
7 hours ago
AVR Master Board is recommended for the beginners who wish to explore 8-bit RISC architecture. It has got Inbuilt ADC, I2C, SPI and RTC. The best controller in debugging support thro JTAG
8 hours ago
Parts needed:1. Sensor2. LCD display3. LED4. Microcontroller5.Battery Sensor: IR transmitter and receiver LCD display: 16*2 lcd display is used to display the output Microcontroller: AT89s52 is a controller which is used to control the display Battery: 9v rechargable battery How it works: …
4 days ago
Parts Needed: 1.8051 controller 2.Motor driver(l293d) 3.Motor 4.LM324 5.Battery 6.IR Transmitter & Receiver Motor Driver(l293d): l293d is a four channel dc motor driver which is used to drive the dc motor Motor: DC motor 3v,ccw , with gear, 60 rpm LM324: It is used to compa…
4 days ago

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